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How to Plan A wedding In two Weeks

Weddings take a lot of time to plan; some take years while other take months. Sometimes the big day can be an abrupt decision and you may only have two weeks to make it as perfect as you have always dreamed of it since you were young.
And you may be wondering – Is it possible to plan a wedding in two weeks? Yes. It is very possible and here is how:

Make the Announcement
The best way to make an announcement is through a casual gathering of family and friends.
You and your spouse can prepare a small speech about these happy changes that you are about to
make in your lives. In your speech, declare your love for each other and announce that you have
decided to get married and you will be having a wedding in the next two weeks.
Depending on how close you are with your family and friends, you can choose to break the news to
a few people that you are really close. This eliminates the possibility of them feeling sidelined or
feeling that you are rushing the decision to get married. After all, you will need their support moving
forward therefore it is best to ensure they are with you.

Pick A Date
Pick a date that works for majority of the people – your friends and family. Preferably, work with a
weekend like a Saturday. That way, the guests can travel on a Friday night then make it to your
wedding on a Saturday then fly back home for school and work on Sunday afternoon.

By the time you make your big announcement, ensure that you have a date in mind and you can
announce that date as the tentative date and say that more information will be communicated later.
In doing so, you will give the guests time to psychologically prepare and tentatively clear the date

Make A Budget
The budget is the guiding principle for the big day. The bigger the budget; the fancier the wedding but
since you are planning the whole thing in two weeks, budget for items that are easier to come by and
are well within your financial reach. Ensure that the budget is made the day after making the

Select A Theme Venue
The venue is a critical component for any wedding. Without a venue, there is no wedding therefore,
the bride and the groom should agree on where they would like to have the wedding. The choice of
venue should be guided by the budget and the two week timeline.

Call the church, the beach resort, the hotel, the conference center etc early enough and see if they
are available on your preferred date. If they are booked on that date, then ask them when they can
be available and keep this information because you may need it in case you need to adjust the date
for one reason or another. This should be done on day three after the announcement.

Make a List Of Suppliers
Make a list of all the wedding expenditures and get quotes for those items. If possible, ask the vendor
to commit by signing a contract and by you giving a deposit. This should be done on the fourth and
fifth day after the announcement.

This is also where you get a designer to do the cards as well as a baker to make the cake, a bridal
shop to deliver a dress and flowers, a band to perform at the reception, a tent company to provide
tents and chairs and the pastor who will officiate the wedding.

Send Out The Invites
One week after the announcement, send out your invites and ensure that you ask the guests to RSVP.
By the tenth day, you should have a good idea of how many guests will be attending.

This is important for the purposes of knowing how much food and drinks will be enough for the day,
you will also be able to make any special arrangements for accommodation and travel for the guests.

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